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With the e-book of frightened Symmetry in 1947, Northrop Frye won vast renown as a literary theorist, a name that persisted to construct all through his lifetime. This quantity within the accumulated Works offers a transcription of the seven books of diaries that Frye saved intermittently from 1942 till 1955. in the course of the interval of the ultimate six diaries, 1949 - 1955, Frye was once at paintings on Anatomy of feedback, and he refers often to a number of the essays written in this interval that grew to become part of the e-book that introduced him foreign acclaim.

For Frye, diary-writing was once a device for recording "everything of importance" and this governed out little or no. His entries include a wide degree of self-analysis and self-revelation, and during this admire are confessional -- we see his sanguine humour, darkish moods and claustrophobia, besides the extra self-congratulatory features of his personality. however the quantity additionally serves as a chronicle. Peering over Frye's shoulder, we watch him train his periods, plan his occupation, list his desires, sign up his frank reactions to the masses of people that pass his course, eye appealing ladies, give some thought to books, track and films, consider non secular and political concerns, give some thought to his a variety of actual and mental diseases, guidance the piano, stopover at bookstores, common Toronto eating places, and checklist rankings of extra actions, mundane and otherwise.

The quantity is totally annotated and encompasses a listing that identifies the greater than 1200 those that make an visual appeal. released right here for the 1st time, those chronicles offer an extraordinary view of the existence and occasions of this now-legendary scholar.

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1 Theatrical Hollywood black bathrooms, Second Empire bedroom, seven acres of dried-out vegetation (can't get men to manage it), a swimming pool, bar (uninhabited), etc. etc. First time in about four years for Helen & me to go swimming. Two very well-built women— Beth particularly most asymmetrical in a bathing suit. 2 A tamarisk is a very delicate & lovely tree covered with tiny purple blossoms. Helen & I with our small white bodies looked inhibited & modest, as though born in a caul. C. [Well-Tempered Clavier] 2 again, perhaps a Mozart sonata, and some romantic, doubtless the Brahms Ballades op.

However, I was busy trying to talk myself out of the situation when I woke. The purpose of the hazing was the slighting remarks I was alleged to have made about engineering, which I was busily denying. May be some reference to a phenomenon Jung doesn't mention: an introvert trying to project before him his own extroverted self, or vice versa. This is the theme of Sitwell's Man Who Lost Himself, which I read in my Freshman days & is an extrovert > introvert pattern. Henry James' Jolly Corner seems to be reversing the pattern: I was reading it just before I fell asleep.

When it comes time to paint their house before leaving for Harvard in 1950, Frye writes, One member of the caucus inside my brain says I'm a lazy & selfish bastard to let her do all the painting without raising a finger to help. Another member, speaking for the government, says I have my own work to do, and the fact I keep on doing it is the guarantee of the contribution I make to the family fortunes. Also that the self-accusation is one of the ready-made formulas of an infantile conscience, which, in an introvert, insists that practical and manipulative activities alone can be called work.

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