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By Dr. Timothy Brantley

Based on Dr. Timothy Brantley, so much illnesses usually are not brought on by genetics or germs yet through the normal American nutrition. Drawing on Brantley's groundbreaking examine and his years of operating with dietary therapeutic, The healing encompasses a innovative step by step software which can flush pollutants out of the physique, fix stability, advertise traditional therapeutic, and raise energy.

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I learned that one of the most basic barometers in the body, pH levels, reflect the acid/alkaline balance. qxp 12/4/06 22 9:26 AM Page 22 THE CURE a bit from person to person), a test strip dipped in specific bodily fluids will reveal imbalances. Without changing my diet at all, I recorded my numbers each day, discovering right from the start that I was dangerously acidic—the acids in my body were off the charts according to my test parameters. Testing for sugar and salt levels, I found them to be seriously imbalanced as well.

Dr. Howell wrote that grains, seeds, and nuts contain enzyme inhibitors. It was only when water hit the grain, seed, or nut that it would activate. Then we could digest them properly. He talked about the value of sprouting grains and seeds in water before eating them, warning that if we didn’t, the enzyme inhibitors would require our bodies to produce a huge amount of enzymes to break down that nut, seed, or grain. Dr. Howell contended that enzymes were temperature-sensitive and pH-specific, as each enzyme became active only in its designated pH range.

I knew there were some strengths in most systems, and I didn’t want to throw out what was good along with what wasn’t. On the other hand, my mother’s agonizing and extended death opened my eyes to how much the system, in its irresponsibility and motivation for money, could do harm rather than heal. It seemed to me that the worst part was that the people touting the system did very little to search out and remove causes for diseases. qxp 12/4/06 9:26 AM Page 21 MY QUEST FOR TRUTH 21 I saw that they not only avoided looking at causes, they also refused to admit that their system was failing their patients.

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