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By Beth Cornelison

After her husband's dying, Holly Bancroft Cole is aware Christmas will not be an identical this 12 months. nonetheless grieving, she comes to a decision to accomplish the renovations on her North Carolina farmhouse and hires a development employee. interested in his piercing eyes and delicate manners, Holly cannot shake the sensation that secrets and techniques lie in the back of the good-looking stranger's hot smile.Haunted by means of stories, Matt Rankin cannot have in mind the enjoyment that easy pleasures convey till he meets Holly. while a harrowing try is made on her existence, Matt realizes he cannot reside with out this pretty angel. Now he needs to guard the lady he loves in any respect costs--even if it skill risking his personal existence.

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Wrap her tightly like a mummy. ” Us. He was using the plural pronoun again. She frowned. “Matt, I—” He held up a hand. “I know what you’re thinking, but…you can’t drive and subdue a frightened cat at the same time. ” Holly stared at him, debating his argument, his offer. “What’s in it for you? ” His eyes widened, and he shook his head. “Who said there was anything in it for me? Aren’t you a little tired of the selfish attitude society has come to? ” Holly opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

As he moved closer, she edged away. “I…just wanted…to have a last look. This church is important to me, and…I wanted…needed…” She huffed a sigh. How did she explain about Ryan’s murder, the questions that needed answers, the closeness she felt to Ryan here? Why should she explain? She straightened her spine and leveled her shoulders. “Never mind my reasons. ” He gave a negligent shrug. ” His gaze shifted to the pile of rags where the kittens squeaked and fussed. Holly cleared her throat. ” His cool, clear eyes found hers again.

The cat’s arrival started a chorus of high, thin mewls. Holly released a sigh, while the stray mother cat tended her kittens. Pulling her lips in a half smile, she edged closer. ” The cat protested with an unhappy meow and crouched low beside her nest of five kittens. The babies were tiny, their eyes barely open. Holly’s heart fisted. They’d be killed when the wrecking ball came to raze the old church tomorrow. She had to do something, but the mother cat looked none too pleased to have someone poking around near her brood.

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