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By Dani Cavallaro

Starting from Chretien de Troyes to Shakespeare, this learn proposes that the chivalric romance is characterised by way of a centerless constitution, self-conscious fictionality and a propensity for irony.

the shape is tied to old fact, but represents the archetype of innovative literature, pointing out its fictional prestige with out claiming to include mounted truths. via use of irony, the chivalric romance precludes conclusive interpretations, inviting readers to inhabit multifold myth worlds whereas uncompromisingly displaying that a terrific global is barely a fiction. hence the reader is enjoined to confront the suspension of fact of their personal lives.

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This knowledge, the power of imagination and the intuitive comprehension of "passion," would become obsolete as the individual divorced himself from one of the most vital means of exploring "the deep, dark inwardness of his nature and his fate" (DP, 31), a faculty Warren assigns to poetry. Warren's ideas about poetry (and literature in general) offer a reconciliation of the personal with the universal, the subjective with the objective. Out of his New Critical explorations emerged Warren's personal aesthetic that poetry, while possessing inherent meaning in and of itself, must also encourage the individual to seek active engagement with the world.

Page 23 I Romantic Confluences and Eliotic Strains Like many aspiring poets in the 1920S, Robert Penn Warren began his poetic career under the commanding influence of T. S. Eliot and the Modernists. "2 When new issues of the Nation or the Dial appeared with poems by Hart Crane, Yeats, or Eliot, the copies sold out immediately. The 1922 publication of The Waste Land sparked a passion for experimentation in poetic techniques, and Warren and many of his classmates not only emulated Eliot's style but could also recite the poem by heart.

George Bornstein (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1977), 208; Victor Strandberg, The (footnote continued on next page) Page 3 uralism in Warren's works allow that he does not rest easily with determinism or the notion of an external world devoid of meaning. Warren's progress toward his Romantic vision, however, is gradual and often tempered by the skepticism so evident in twentieth-century thought. His early poetry, highly imitative of Eliot and Pound and the Metaphysical poets of the seventeenth century, exhibits the careful attention to craft that John Crowe Ransom had encouraged among his students but little of the exuberance that characterizes Warren's later poems.

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