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By F. E. Higgins

Since his father disappeared lower than a depressing cloud of scandal, Pin Carpue has been by myself on this planet. His paintings for the neighborhood undertaker retains him busy, yet his lifestyles is bleak. Then Pin encounters the Bone Magician, a guy who can bring up corpses and make the useless speak.

As Pin items jointly the secrets and techniques of Bone Magic, his personal lifestyles turns into fraught with grave risk . . .

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Her hands were clasped across her chest and she wore three rings on each hand. Her long dark hair was arranged to frame her pale face and her head rested on a tasselled velvet pillow. Her eyes were closed, her long eyelashes brushing her cheeks, and her lips were red. There was no evidence of the parallel depressions across her body made by the cart wheels that had so cruelly ended her short life. Mr Gaufridus prided himself on the peaceful look he achieved on the faces of his customers. He loved nothing better than to hear the words ‘She looks as if she is asleep’ (even though, of course, he had made rigorous checks to ensure that this was not the case).

He turned back to the table and took the dead girl’s hand. ’ He sounded surprised . ’ muttered the girl, and I detected a nervousness in her voice. Mr Pantagus looked over at her and smiled benignly. ‘Just relax, Juno,’ he said. ’ I watched as Juno pulled at a thin string around her neck, but whatever was at the end of it I couldn’t see for she cradled it in her palm. Then she ran her finger under her nose leaving a smear, of some sort of unguent I supposed, across her philtrum. It shone softly in the candlelight From the shine on Mr Pantagus’s upper lip I deduced that he had done the same thing.

Higgins’s prose has terrific verve, with glittering descriptive flashes . . It’s a bravura debut’ Guardian ‘You are in for a terrific read . The fierce yet sophisticated denouement of this excellent debut leaves you longing for a sequel’ The Times ‘Beautifully written . . this imaginative extravaganza also offers food for thought’ Times Educational Supplement Also by F. E. Higgins The Black Book of Secrets F. E. com ISBN 978-0-230-71401-4 in Adobe Reader format ISBN 978-0-230-71400-7 in Adobe Digital Editions format Copyright © F.

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