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By Fern Michaels

In a richly profitable novel full of unforgettable characters, no 1 New York Times bestselling writer Fern Michaels explores the iconic bonds of kinfolk as one guy loses everything—only to discover the liberty to create a daring new lifestyles. . .

Gus Hollister owes all his luck to his feisty grandmother, Rose, and he is aware it. It was once Rose and her sisters, Iris and Violet, who raised Gus, despatched him to the simplest colleges, and helped him commence his personal accounting enterprise. Rose even got the home Gus lives in along with his spouse, Elaine.

But now, Gus stands to lose everything—his domestic, his vehicle, and his company. Worse, he's alienated his liked grandma, who attempted to warn him approximately Elaine's grasping, gold-digging methods. Gus, blinded by way of infatuation, refused to hear, and now Elaine has locked him out of the home he used to be silly sufficient to install her name.

Heartsick and remorseful, Gus returns to Rose's Virginia farmhouse looking shield. however it won't be effortless to make amends. regardless of their lovely floral names, there's not anything smooth concerning the Blossom sisters. Unbeknownst to Gus, they've additionally been operating a really profitable company from domestic and don't wish interference. but relations and forgiveness move hand in hand, and Gus isn't giving up.

With the aid of shut buddies, new affiliates, and a few very sprightly girls, Gus starts to fix the wear and tear he's performed and support the citizens of Blossom Farm start the subsequent section in their enterprise. He may well also be discovering the braveness to like back. simply because regardless of how daunting beginning over will be, the implications can surpass your wildest expectations—especially whilst the Blossom sisters are on your nook. .

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