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28 the merchant stalls of broad street were long gone. now they saw two priests leading the funeral procession of a noble… …so they filed in behind it. Are they bound for christchurch or the cathedral? If he’s a noble, the cathedral, i think… …but it should be alright. behind them another set of porters filed in. 29 when they reached the cathedral one of the priests happened to glance behind. bless my soul! the procession of dead reached all the way to the city gates… 30 after the noble’s burial… we will soon be out of holy ground to bury the people of bristol.

That is causing the fever and swellings. twelve hours later it was all over. a red warning cross was added to their door. the father and sisters now lay plague–ridden inside. brother leofric decided to go with the cart. at least i can take him on his last journey and say a few words. 34 the cart collected dead all the way into smithfield, where it stopped in view of the great medieval structure of st. paul’s cathedral. by the saints, what is this place? in front were plague pits— a mass burial site, with carts arriving daily from every corner of the city.

Then they formed a circle and whipped each other… ooooooh… whap! whap! 40 …that must hurt! snick! i don’t care. i’ve seen enough of this heresy… …and enough of these rats-get out of here! kick! squeeeeee! 41 the worst seemed over, but many still left the city in case the plague returned. aaaagh—fresh air at last! but it was no good. look there, what are those sheep doing among those rags? 42 plague was now devastating the countryside too… caw! caw! caw! dear god, no… baaaaaaaaa! riiiip! crawk! the medieval world would never be the same again.

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