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A section of the intellectuals could not countenance this. And the arguments they used against the Boycott are a striking example of the inexorable logic of a false political position; they demonstrate the depths to which one is reduced under the necessity to rationalise one's actions. , argued that the people WHY THE "COMPROMISE"? 29 were not ready for a boycott and maintained that they had still to be educated to it — and all this in face of the people's emphatic rejection of dummy elections.

Besides, you must decide upon a definite practial policy and programme of action upon which all elements can join hands in putting it over. B. " (See Minutes of All-African Convention, 1937. pp 46-47) THE FORMA TION OF THE ALL-AFRICAN CONVENTION 21 The various delegates reported that their organisation accepted the principle of establishing the All-African Convention as a permanent body and approved of the Draft Constitution. As a result of this, the Conference formally adopted the Draft Constitution as the Constitution of the All-African Convention.

Before the leaders could communicate these qualities to the masses they themselves had to break»with the liberals and free themselves from their intellectual stranglehold. For proper leadership presupposes independence of thought and clarity of vision as well as intellectual integrity and moral courage. Under such conditions the people were exposed to pressures from an enemy class, to influences now from one section of the herrenvolk and now from another. Here, then, can be seen all the elements which made the 1936 "Compromise" possible.

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