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By Dean R Ulrich

Within the Antiochene hindrance and Jubilee Theology in Daniel’s Seventy Sevens, Dean R. Ulrich explores the joint curiosity of Daniel 9:24-27 within the Antiochene problem of the second one century B.C.E. and the jubilee theology conveyed by means of the prophecy’s constitution. This research is critical simply because prior scholarship, notwithstanding spotting the jubilee constitution of the seventy sevens, has now not sufficiently made the relationship among jubilee and the six goals of Daniel 9:24. past scholarship additionally has now not correctly similar the book’s curiosity in Antiochus IV to the desire of jubilee, which includes the total inheritance that God has promised to his humans yet they'd misplaced as a result of their compromises with Antiochus IV.

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31 More specifically, Daniel’s 29 30 31 Cf. Bergsma, “Persian Period,” 51, 53; Goldingay, Daniel, 237; Matthias Henze, “The Use of Scripture in the Book of Daniel,” in A Companion to Biblical Interpretation in Early Judaism (ed. Matthias Henze; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012) 301; Lucas, Daniel, 233; Seow, Daniel, 136–137; Wilson, “Prayer of Daniel 9,” 97. Collins (Daniel with an Introduction, 90–91) seems to agree. Greg Carey, Ultimate Things: An Introduction to Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Literature (St.

Martin Kessler, The Battle of the Gods: The God of Israel Versus Marduk of Babylon: A Literary/Theological Interpretation of Jeremiah 50–51 (ssn; Assen: Royal Van Gorcum, 2003) 202. ”19 Indeed, ancient manuscripts for the biblical books have their differences—some substantial. 20 In Daniel 9:2, Daniel says that he understood from the scriptures (‫)ְסָפ ִרים‬, especially Yahweh’s revelation (‫ ) ָדָּבר‬to Jeremiah, that the devastation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. The plural ‫ ְסָפ ִרים‬may suggest that Daniel had more Old Testament “books” than Jeremiah available to him.

10 Daniel was not concerned about the arrogance of a Seleucid (or Babylonian) ruler. It was Israel’s rebellion against her covenant suzerain that was on his mind, and Gabriel’s message from God had to do with that. Daniel’s prayer clearly states that Israel overstepped her boundaries by sinning repeatedly against Yahweh. The transgression is covenantal disloyalty on the part of God’s people. e. 11 Nevertheless, his prayer sits among three visions about the Antiochene 8 9 10 11 Goldingay, Daniel, 258.

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