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By Wayne Wheelwright

Inside this quiz publication you will discover a hundred query on essentially the most recognized of the entire Presidents of the us. This e-book comprises questions from his humble beginnings to where he'll consistently carry as one in all histories such a lot iconic figures. This publication additionally has questions masking his kin, his assassination and the way it took place, the function he performed within the Civil conflict, his unwavering trust within the abolition of slavery and the stairs he took to carry the rustic jointly whilst it confronted a few of it truly is toughest occasions. try your self in this terrific determine that performed a massive half in shaping the USA of the USA into the rustic it's this day.

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Which house of the United States Congress was Abraham Lincoln elected to in 1846? Which Congressman did Lincoln write a bill to abolish slavery with in the District of Columbia? When Abraham Lincoln spoke out against the Mexican-American War he said it was down to which President’s desire for military glory? What was the name of the resolutions in which Lincoln demanded to know where blood had been spilled on American soil in regards to the Mexican-American war? What nickname did Lincoln’s resolutions regarding the Mexican-American war earn him from one Illinois newspaper?

Which numbered President of the United States was Abraham Lincoln? Who did Abraham Lincoln beat to become President of the United States? His win made him the first president form which party? Out of the 15 slave states how many cast no ballots for Abraham Lincoln? Which states left the Union before Lincoln took office? Six of the states that left the Union set themselves up as a sovereign nation known as what? President Lincoln refused to recognise the Confederacy and declared secession what? What was the name of President Lincoln’s head of security that uncovered possible assassins in Baltimore on the way to Lincoln’s inauguration?

During his first speech how did Abraham Lincoln react when he saw a supporter in the crowd being attacked? Where did Abraham Lincoln finish out of the 13 candidates for the Illinois General Assembly? What profession did Abraham Lincoln decide to embark on teaching himself with the use of books? In which year was Abraham Lincoln’s second and successful campaign for the Illinois General Assembly? In which year was Lincoln granted admission to the bar? What was the name of Mary Todd’s cousin that Abraham Lincoln practised law under?

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