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2 During the reign of King Rama V, Thailand was modernized to keep abreast of the changes taking place in the western world. The first western hospital was built in 1888 A. D. and was named Siriraj Hospital. Both western and traditional Thai medicine were used in treatments and in the physicians ' medical training. His vision and action as continued from the past eras have had the grounding influence of preserving, maintaining and spreading traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage for over one hundred years which has become a solid foundation for traditional Thai medicine.

5. Digestive system: Increases elasticity of digestive tract and stomach movement, prevents and relieves indigestion. PRINCIPLES OF THAI MASSAGE 45 Thai massage induces a sense of total relaxation in the recipient, thus reducing the stress of daily chores or a hectic environment. In some recipients, this highly positive stress-rei ief effect may go beyond the present and penetrate into deep, past emotional scars and help release them. Se re ne fac ia l m assage . Ph oto: Pandi t W atana kas iv it As to the spiritual benefits, Thai massage is based on the elements of life and Sen Sib (life energy).

The water element is composed of approximately 12 substances produced by Drawing of the water element "A po Tad". Roya l Traditional Thai med icine text page 568. PRINCIPLES OF THAI MASSAGE 41 the body. These are bile, mucus, lymph, blood, sweat, liquid fat, solid fat, tears, saliva, nasal mucus, synovial fluid (lubrication of joints) and urine. Fluids external to the body include water in the general environment such as rain, rivers, moisture in the soil and any liquid forms. Thai massage stimulates the water element to flow through the entire body and helps to maintain healthy function of the organs.

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