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By Patrick Saint-Dizier (auth.), Patrick Saint-Dizier (eds.)

This publication is the 1st to supply an built-in view of preposition from morphology to reasoning, through syntax and semantics. It deals new insights in utilized and formal linguistics, and cognitive technological know-how. It underlines the significance of prepositions in a couple of computational linguistics functions, similar to details retrieval and laptop translation. The reader will reap the benefits of quite a lot of perspectives and functions to varied linguistic frameworks, between which, so much particularly, HPSG. The publication is for researchers operating within the fields of computational linguistics, linguistics, and synthetic intelligence.

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An interesting case is where the preposition is realized (or incorporated) in the verb semantics. g. the preposition via in English to say: she comes from Victor Hugo via her mother, in French we use par: elle descend de Vitor Hugo par sa mère, and in German there is a complex combination with ab+stammen (=abstammen): Mütterlicherseits stammt Sie von Victor Hugo ab. (From the mother side she originates from Victor Hugo). g. dans (in), with no idea of changing location. 6. Overview of the book structure This book is organized in a very classical way, starting with considerations about lexical aspects of prepositions, then descriptive aspects of their syntax, followed by formal aspects.

Les} Misérables. This movie ressembles Les Misérables. b. {de Les} Misérables. I hate the beginning of Les Misérables. (7) The use of these contracted forms is many centuries old and it should be rather uncontroversial that they aren’t contracted on-line by speakers. Indeed, it is more economical to admit them as lexicalized prepositions with definiteness, number and gender features, rather than to complicate the phonology for just a handful of forms. If this analysis is right, the unidirectional grammaticalization hypothesis of (Hopper & Traugott, 1993) is appealing to explain the fact that they haven’t been “decontracted ” in any dialect.

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