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By Acharya S.

Making a choice on up the place the bestselling and arguable The Christ Conspiracy leaves off, Suns of God leads the reader via an electrifying exploration of the foundation and that means of the world's religions and renowned gods. over the last numerous centuries, the large 3 non secular leaders were the Lords Christ, Krishna and Buddha, whose tales and teachings are interestingly and confoundingly just like one another. the story of a miraculously born redeemer who overcomes heroic demanding situations, teaches ethics and morality, plays marvels and wonders, acquires disciples and is famed in all places, to be persecuted, killed and reborn, isn't really special yet an international phenomenon routine in a wide selection of cultures lengthy ahead of the Christian era.

These a number of godmen weren't comparable "historical" personages who "walked the earth" yet anthropomorphizations of the relevant concentration of the well-known "mysteries." a tremendous component to the cryptic, overseas brotherhood, those mysteries expand again hundreds of thousands of years and are discovered all over the world, reflecting an historical culture steeped in awe and intrigue. the explanations for this non secular improvement, which has encouraged the production of complete cultures, are unveiled during this in-depth research containing attention-grabbing and unique study in keeping with proof either smooth and old, fascinating info stored mystery and hidden for ages.

Suns of God is very likely the main whole overview of the heritage of faith from its inception ever composed in one quantity.

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Hell of Iron-Saws Where the heads of sinners are sawed. 19. Hell of Burning Iron Ground Where sinners are forced to walk on it with bare feet. 20. Hell of Iron Eagles Where sinners’ eyes are pecked by Iron-Eagles. 21. Hell of Burning Iron-Balls Where sinners are forced to swallow the Balls. 22. Hell of Quarrels Where sinners are burnt with iron-claws and always seen in fights with one another. 23. Hell of Iron-Hammers Where sinners are smashed by the Iron-Hammers. 24. Hell of Great Anger Where sinners are made to fight against one another angrily.

10. Hell of Iron-Cows or Oxen Where sinners are pierced or stepped over by the horns or hoofs of these Cows or Oxen. 11. Hell of Burning Iron-Clothing Where sinners are wrapped up by the burning IronClothing. 42 12. Hell of Thousands of Burning Iron-Swords Where sinners are forced to lie on them which pierce through their bodies. Knives are also seen flying from the air, hitting the sinners’ bodies and cutting them to pieces. 13. Hell of Burning Iron-Asses Where sinners are forced to ride on them.

Also the laity will be included in this punishment if they are well instructed in the precepts but violate them. Those beings who harm people with boiling water, fire, cutting or otherwise injuring them 38 will, in their next life, receive the same treatment. Those who encourage others to break the precepts shall be reborn as animals — always suffering from hunger. Those who are guilty of stupid extravagance will never get their wishes fulfilled. Those who are proud and look down on others will have low births.

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