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By G. P. Shipp

Professor Shipp's objective within the first version of this publication (published in 1953) used to be 'to study in as a lot aspect as attainable the advance of the language of the Iliad in a few of its normal positive factors, with cautious awareness to the spoken dialects concerned and to the effect of metre'. within the moment variation he widens the scope of his paintings to envision the Odyssey in addition to the Iliad, and he extends its aspect to incorporate syntax in addition to grammatical types and to hide questions of vocabulary extra comprehensively. The author's past conclusions are proven to be proven, and a huge additional outcome for the Odyssey has been to teach the common lateness of the language of moralizing passages.

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N 20r = ~ r63 SVoo AiCXVTE KOpVO"Ta and r 35 'I1'expela (with other readings) are in similes. -ll1Ta, T 310, A r6 = 375 'ATpetSex, 42 = N 24 oo1<\JTI'hex, for the form of which cf. p. 263. 3 (u) The false combination of -eO"KOV with the augment would hardly be possible for an Ionic poet (Wack. -I10"YSO"KOVTO. , is likely to be Attic because the participle of such aorist passives was favoured in Attica (p. -lowes, in a couplet perhaps added to a speech (Leaf). e I 'Irridentis verba', van Leeuwen on 0" 105, comparing Ar.

Is implied by the accentuation ITpoovas (Arcadia) in Paus. 2). Later Greek, mainly poetry, has 'TTPT]WV, 'TTPEWV. We must e~plain with LSJ 'Orig. ) 'TTPWV, 'TTPWVOS pI. ' ITpWOVES, -as will then perforce be late, and it is what we should expect that they occur only in similes: 3 e 557 = IT 299, M 282. Add also AUKovpyoV:4 Z 134 digression (Dionysus). - - v v: V I 2 Gr. Dial. III 57, and for adv. -ews from -,;S p. 5), Chantraine 63. Vocalcontr. , 298. Against the connexion of Xel'; with fovea see Walde-Hofmann LEW.

Cf. Ar. Pax 1134 ~VACX 5cxv6TCXTcx, in cretics, but the context is not poetical, and the form shows the same Attic contraction from *5cxFEO"V6e; as in the corresponding

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