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By Randall Amster

Amster reviews the social and spatial implications of homelessness in the US. more and more, commentators have lamented the erosion of public area, charting its decline besides the increase of commercialization and privatization. A result's the criminalization of homelessness, a phenomenon printed the following via player observations, casual conversations, and in-depth interviews with road humans, urban officers, and social provider services. Amster explores the interconnections between: (i) the impetus of improvement and gentrification; (ii) the enactment of anti-homeless ordinances and laws; (iii) the fabric and ideological erosion of public area; (iv) rising forces of resistance to those developments; and (v) the continued viability of anti-systemic routine.

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Taken further, usufruct logically permuted means that nothing belongs to me except everything; that is, I have moral obligations in all material things. The things that I possess must be used so as to comport with the well-being of the community; the things which no one possesses are to be maintained for the use and enjoyment of all; the things possessed by others are of concern to me as well. As Bookchin (1991:50) notes: “The collective claim is implicit in the primacy of usufruct over proprietorship.

We are thus left with a conundrum. The skeptical mind -- that empirical bane -- presently observes a tendency for "reality" to reduce to the logic(s) of capital on both subjective (micro) and objective (macro) levels -- that is, in the delimitation of individual life choices as well as in the pervasive impetus of capital to colonize material space globally. In terms of conceiving a locus of "resistance," this kind of reduction is particularly enticing since "every act of resistance is an arrow aimed at the same target" (May 1994:31).

Soon they'll be on Venus and Mars. And they're inside human cells. Where is there left for the mind to flee? They've even invaded the subjective spaces, the fantasy world. As an artist I feel as if the sources of creation are being wiped out and paved over. It makes the only viable art protest art, but I hate that. It means they already have us confined; we can only react to them. ” * * * What I am trying to cope with here is the assertion of the Critical Theorists (among others) that "there is no outside to capitalism" (Sharp, et al.

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