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By Rudy Rucker

Joe dice is a Silicon Valley hotshot--well, a would-be hotshot anyway--hoping that the three-D television undertaking he is handling will result in the massive cash IPO he is continually dreamed of. On New Year's Eve, hoping to provoke his spouse, he sneaks domestic the prototype. It brings no new heat to their cooling dating, however it does allure anyone else's attention.When Joe sees a collection of lips speaking to him (floating in midair) and feels the poke of a disembodied finger (inside him), it is not as a result champagne he is under the influence of alcohol. He has simply met Momo, a lady from the All, an international of 4 spatial dimensions for whom our slender global, which she calls Spaceland, is anything like a rug, yet one jam-packed with movement and lifestyles. Momo has a company proposition for Joe, a proposal she will not allow him refuse. The upside power turns into a lot clearer to him as soon as she is helping him develop a brand new eye (on a stalk) which may see within the fourth-dimensional instructions, and he is of the same opinion. After that it is a wild journey via a million-dollar evening in Las Vegas, a budding habit to tasty pink 4-D nutrients, a failing marriage, eye-popping tours into the All, and encounters with Momo's foes, rubbery purple critters who thieve funds, provide sage recommendation and occasionally messily explode. Joe is having the time of his existence, till Momo's scheme seems to have angles he could not have imagined. unexpectedly the destiny of all lifestyles right here in Spaceland is at stake.Rudy Rucker is a previous grasp at turning mathematical options into rollicking technology fiction experience, from Spacetime Donuts and White mild to The Hacker and the Ants. within the culture of Edwin A. Abbott's vintage novel, Flatland, Rucker offers us a journey of upper arithmetic and visionary realities. Spaceland is Flatland on hyperdrive!

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