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By Edward L. Hudgins

House offers with the problems eager about beginning house to non-public go back and forth and extra advertisement ventures.

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Space flight was channeled in such a way as to make satellite communications the only reasonable commercial application of rockets and space technology. By contrast, aviation’s most common commercial payloads in its early years were human passengers interested either in experiencing air flight for fun and adventure or, in later years, in traveling rapidly from one point on the Earth to another. Expectations Regarding Space Flight The public expectation that space flight is the province of governments is nearly universal and tends to frame the discussion of the future of space activities.

The first is a chronological examination of the forces that shaped the space program. From this perspective, the exigencies of national security and the preservation of national prestige figure prominently in explanations of the way the space program was originally configured. Much has been written about the early days of the space program and the need for government investment in rocket technology. NASA was charged with countering Soviet space spectaculars and reversing our often-embarrassing attempts at rocket flight.

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