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Air failures is a part of the failures Up shut sequence. It explores what air failures are, why they ensue, and the way failures reminiscent of the Hindenburg Crash of 1937, the Concorde Crash of 2000, and Sept. 11 have impacted people's lives.

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The wreckage of the VLS rocket and launchpad, photographed three days after the explosion } Brazil had to hire and train new space scientists to replace those who had been killed. It had to build a new launchpad for its rockets. It took fourteen months before Brazil could finally launch a rocket into space. But the disaster gave Brazil’s rockets a bad name. No other countries wanted to buy rockets from Brazil. Before launch, Brazil’s space scientists had high hopes for the VLS rocket. } SPACE DISASTERS ARE TERRIBLE.

But when astronauts die, the whole nation (and often the whole world) mourns. That’s because many people think of astronauts as heroes. They are smart and skillful scientists. When they travel in space, they put their lives on the line to help people learn more about the universe. 28 } H OW H OW H OW EARTH. The crew of the 1986 space shuttle Challenger at last— Another Teacher in space In 2007 a teacher finally made it into space. The teacher, Barbara Morgan, had been Christa McAuliffe’s backup in 1986.

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