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By Goonewardena K. et al.

Some time past fifteen years, Henri Lefebvre’s popularity has catapulted into the stratosphere, and he's now considered an equivalent to a few of the greats of ecu social conception (Bourdieu, Deleuze, Harvey). specifically, his paintings has revitalized city experiences, geography and making plans through recommendations like; the social construction of house, the proper to the town, way of life, and worldwide urbanization. Lefebvre’s immense physique of labor has generated major faculties of inspiration: person who is political monetary, and one other that's extra culturally orientated and poststructuralist in tone. area, distinction, and daily life merges those colleges of concept into a unified Lefebvrian method of modern city matters and the nature of our spatialized social buildings.

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Lefebvre’s second critique relates to the dialectical “system” constructed by Hegel: in systematizing philosophy Hegel arrests the flow of time, declares the process of “becoming” closed, thus shattering his own most valuable approach. This critique of practical power and the force of abstraction—of thinking, of writing, and of language—is a leitmotiv that runs through the whole of Lefebvre’s work. It also forms the basis of his biting, often furious attacks on contemporary philosophy and science, and, in his later works, on planning and architecture.

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