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By Mirjana N. Dedaić (ed.), Mirjana Mišković-Luković (ed.)

Discourse debris, discourse markers and pragmatic markers seek advice from phenomena that linguists have started to probe in simple terms because the mid-1980s. Long-ignored in conventional linguistics and textbook grammars, and nonetheless relegated to marginal prestige in South Slavic, those linguistic phenomena have emerged as valuable units for state of the art theories of the semantics/pragmatics interface. This ebook, that's a pioneering research in such linguistic phenomena in South Slavic languages, can also be one of the first of its type for a similar workforce of languages. It builds at the fresh findings of a few of the main influential linguistically-oriented theories, resembling Relevance idea, Argumentation conception and coherence-based ways to provide an explanation for the which means and use of yes discourse/pragmatic particles/markers in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Slovene. those particles/markers are a part of the modern and old lexicons of the South Slavic languages, various throughout areas and time, but additionally differing in starting place. This publication, which pulls from obviously taking place info, written media and built examples, goals at a much broader viewers together with students operating in semantics/pragmatics and Slavic languages, and utilized experts drawn to this zone of analysis. The authors desire that this ebook may be conceived as a kick off point for a established inquiry into the flourishing box of discourse debris in South Slavic.

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A? – Izvinete, no… – Kazvam, sankim, ako običate – objasnjava spleteno Baj Ganjo, – i men mi po-dobre na xotela, ama xajde, rekox, Ireček – naš čovek… Chapter 2. Bulgarian adversative connective ama – Blagodarja za vnimanieto; az bi zadâržal na drago sârdce u doma, no ne razpolagam s lišni pomeštenija. Dnes obače vie ste naš gost i šte objadvate u nas. – I’ll hang around your place more, we’ll chat about Bulgaria. And if you like, I’ll even stay here at your place while I’m in Prague. What do you say?

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