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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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This analysis indicates that the event distribution is consistent with the isotropic distribution. The events distribution, by its nature, is the same for all the flare phases. The isotropic radiation pattern inferred from events distribution studies agrees with those inferred from the spectral center-to-limb variation during all the phases of flares. This also suggests that the hard X-ray angular distribution does not significantly vary with time DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS The results presented in this paper indicate interesting features concerning the flare energetic radiation and its angular distribution.

The High Energy Solar Physics (HESP) mission is important in this regard. Other evidence of energetic particles in the corona has come from the radio data, with the impulsive millisecond bursts of Benz [1987] being particularly interesting. Much of the data comes from the very impulsive phase of solar flares, but is very suggestive in that it shows closely linked sequences of intense bursts, interpreted by Benz to correspond to "elemental" units of energy release. Better observations are needed to see to what extent such phenomena persist in active regions.

Future hard 2. PRESENT AND FUTURE EXPERIMENTAL DATA BASES 1976; Jordan, 1976; 1980]. The curve has a minimum at around 2 x 105K and scales as TL5 up to just over 106K, where the good coverage of emission lines began to fall off. Below 2 x 105, the emission measure increases as the temperature decreases. , 1990, Roumeliotis, 1992], but it is unclear whether this behavior is related to the coronal heating mechanism. ) The shape of the emission measure between 2 x 105 and 106K may not be a particularly good discriminator between different heating mechanisms, but a reproduction of it is a minimum requirement for any mechanism.

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