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By David Campbell

This new paintings seems to be on the dynamics of enterprises from a social constructionist point of view, taking the association as anything that's built always via person interactions with others, either inside of and with no the association.

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H o p e , poet Bakhtin (1986) cautions that understanding and empathy can be­ come a kind of fusion that suppresses dialogic communication and creates another platform for monologic communication. True dia­ logue cannot occur if one party is defined by the standpoint of another. Defining the other is a common means of establishing power and dominance over another person or group, and there­ fore dialogue only happens when each party is coming to the conversation free of control by the other. A n y dominant group will lose its advantage in a true dialogue.

In many cases, this is a necessary first step. > / was recently from asked my office, group had met together hypotheses. the allocated replies day, do you want 2. What do you 3. What sation", thirteen sations staff sent for. to send The that they to make them before me his or her awayday? issues have their replies that need on the on the to me the "holder and the specific to me in making might information may overlook that I became "conversations-that-might-not-take-place" listening the the facilitator but this process we to decide to be awayday?

M y priority as a consultant or facilitator is to contribute to the creation of a safe environment in which to begin conversation. To do this I discuss with any group the importance of a safe context and try to spell out what things need to be discussed, as prelimi­ naries, to move towards a safe environment. These stem from my own experiences of what has been helpful to maintain a working context, but they are also adapted to the particularities of the group I am working with. I begin by stating the rules that I use, and the group members usually add some of their own as the discussion develops.

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