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By Charles Dickens

Following the exceptional acclaim for Sketches by way of Boz and The Pickwick Papers, Dickens produced brief volumes of Sketches of younger gents and younger undefined, in line with the looks of Sketches of younger girls by way of 'Quiz'.

Each quantity purports to dissect the features of typical forms reminiscent of 'The Bashful younger Gentleman', 'The Literary younger Lady', and 'The Couple who Coddle themselves'. Whimsical, satirical, witty and exuberant, the sketches ridicule the behaviour in their matters with excellent comedian influence, rendering Mr Whiffler, Mrs Chopper and their partners immediately recognizable. they give fascinating glimpses of courtship rituals and kin among the sexes on the outset of the Victorian period, and engaging proof of a author studying his
craft and refining his variety.

This variation comprises the unique illustrations via Phiz, and an creation that examines the attraction of the comic strip, a literary style within which Dickens excelled all through his occupation.

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