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What's the will of god on your marriage? easily said, God desires you to like your mate, and He desires your mate to like you. He desires you to depart your mom and dad, to cleave unto your mate, to nourish and cherish, to appreciate and to appreciate her or him because the be aware of God says. you'll leam: the 3 belongings you needs to find out about marriage Satan's six lies the best way to pray and permit God restoration your marriage

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Set this dear one free in the Name of Jesus. "Now, Father, I ask that You will give this person a supernatural love for their mate in the Name of Jesus. I pray that this love will begin to rise up and get deeper and greater every day. Give this friend the vision You want them to have. Let them see themself and their mate together—happily married, serving You, Father. Put that vision into this heart, even now. Oh, Father, I thank You for working out every situation and every little detail of this marital situation.

Don't ever let the devil tell you that. Your marriage is not over. God can heal your hurt. God can help you forgive. " We must remember the times when we needed mercy, when we blew it, and how God forgave us and gave us another chance. Maybe your husband or wife had to give you a second chance—or a third or fourth chance— for some offense or failure. You have to remember that. We never have a right to hold unforgiveness in our hearts. When you forgive, a healing takes place in your heart. If you will just make the decision to obey the Word of God and say, "Yes, God, I will forgive," then the Lord will bring love back into your heart.

As I minister to these individuals, I help them see that God can help them release all unforgiveness and hurt so they can be free. After they allow God to heal their hurts, it never fails that they come back and say, "I think I want my marriage restored. " What changed their mind? We didn't talk them into it. They allowed God's healing power to heal their hurts. And when that happens— change occurs. Adultery is Not an Unforgiveable Sin Something takes place in the hearts of people who forgive and obey the Word of God.

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