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By Theodor Schwenk, Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Why does water, in streams and rivers, consistently take a winding direction? Do universal rules and rhythms underlie the circulation of water, no matter if or not it's within the sea or in a plant -- or within the blood of a person? The legislation printed within the sophisticated styles of water in stream are proven during this thought-provoking paintings to be almost like these perceptible within the shaping of bones, muscular tissues, and myriads of different kinds in nature. Lavishly illustrated, delicate Chaos exhibits the unifying forces that underlie all dwelling issues, and observes such phenomena because the flight of birds; the formation of inner organs equivalent to the center, eye, and ear, air styles in musical tools; the formation of mountain levels and river deltas; climate and house styles; or even the formation of the human embryo.

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Flowing past water is flows more two the result of the interaction of is moving water and slowly, forces : the If water flon's round a fixed plate a , dividing surface arises in the water (diagram after Kopp) the force of resistance of the im- regions arise: an outer one, where the and an inner space fairly fast, making manifold in which the water and cross currents circular motions. Now let us imagine that we remove the stone, but maintain the force of resistance it makes against the current by sending water from the place where it had Iain.

If vortices is form behind a stone or a bridge pier, these layered inner surfaces will of course also be drawn into the whirlpool, flowing As water circular or spiral course. difficult to past each other in a transparent this process is observe unless colouring matter is used. is Then one can see how the inside of the vortex turns faster than the outer part, and how the revolving layers glide past each other (Plate 37). It is a form which has separated itself off^ from the general flow of the water; a self-contained region in the mass of the water, enclosed within itself and yet bound up with the whole.

Solidified place -which lead to sense impressions. The example which shows the vortex as an organic form at rest is the human cochlea, situated close to the semicircular canals. It though its form. We dynamic force had entered into most finely is as developed shall return later to these processes in the inner ear itself. These three examples show reveal this different stages at which the vortex may ranging from an invisible creative dynamic principle itself, to an organ in all its finest detail.

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