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Americans spend greater than $4 billion a 12 months on over the counter headache treatments. This much-needed ebook examines the various varieties of complications, is helping determine their motives, and gives secure possible choices for headache remedy and prevention. From nutrients to meditation, therapeutic massage and homeopathy, here's the final word source for treating trendy complications and fighting tomorrow's.

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My experience is that these are often the same patients with the same conditions. In my experience, the majority of patients told by a medical doctor that they have nothing wrong suffer from non -organic, non-lesional chronic complaints that are impossible to pinpoint or prove with objective tests. Such problems include chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, nervous stomach, tension headaches, chronic pain, urinary dysfunction, and a myriad of stress -related disorders. These complaints represent a large portion of what most acupuncturists treat—people who have been told they have nothing medi- Page 44 cally wrong or nothing medicine can treat.

As I often remark when lecturing on this topic, a perfectly neutral scientist observing practitioners of different styles and traditions of acupuncture would be able to report only one act that they all share in common, namely that each arrives rather quickly at a moment Larson, Dick. "The Role of Connective Tissue as the Physical Medium for the Conducting of Healing Energy in Acupuncture and Rolfing," American Journal of Acupuncture , 1990. Vol. 18. No. 3, p. 257-259 Page 37 where he or she selects some specific sites and swiftly inserts a few needles into these sites.

As with all preferences or biases, it is important and useful to be aware of one's own relative position' with respect to others. 3 In discussing root versus local or symptomatic treatment here, I am not referring to TCM discussion of Root (the underlying cause of a disorder) versus Branch (the effects and symptoms deriving from the underlying cause), but, rather, as in Japanese meridian therapy, to the difference between focusing on treatment of the core or essence of a person's being as opposed to attention to symptoms.

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