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Reduce over heat to two cups, and then add honey to taste. Drink one cup immediately and reheat and drink the other after half an hour Upset stomach: Eat dried orange peel. Vomiting: Take 9 gms of orange peel and a handful of rice. Cook to a watery mixture; when cool add ginger juice and drink. Chronic gastritis: Dry bake tangerine peel and crush into a powder Take 6 gms with honey Mastitis: Mix 30 gms fresh tangerine seeds with millet wine. Stir and add 3 bowls of water Reduce to half and drink as two drinks.

Figs, grapes or olives, this could cause too much poison to be eliminated, so start with the in between foods such as apples or bananas. Bread, the staff of life? Perhaps nowadays bread should more appropriately be called the staff of death. Even the so-called good stuff that the larger bakeries are beginning to produce, in response to demand, still contains many additives. The best bread, and the safest, is the bread you bake yourself. Here is a simple recipe: Take a teaspoonful of freshly ground flour (you can do that in your blender) and place it in a bowl with a teaspoonful of honey and a cupful of water Mix it up and leave the bowl in a dark cupboard for about three days until a bubbling scum forms on the top.

This is why when we eat only fruit, the acid that has been stored in our bodies is now eliminated through our kidneys and so we feel sick — so don’t be too radical in the beginning or you might damage your kidneys. Other foods such as cheese and meat become acid on digestion, and therefore mucus forming. All grains are mucus forming, as are beans; sprouted seeds are not. If you have spent your life eating junk food and suddenly go on a long fast, be very careful what you eat after the fast. g. figs, grapes or olives, this could cause too much poison to be eliminated, so start with the in between foods such as apples or bananas.

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