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By Candice Ransom

Lots of issues make eight-year-old Maddie worried: her too-small ft, hiking excessive locations, no longer continually figuring out what to claim, and particularly her new domestic within the Virginia geographical region with Sam, her mom's new husband. To her shock, Sam seems to appreciate all these issues and more—like how you can examine the elements from a cat, what sort of treasure you'll find on the unload, and the place to discover a colour known as sky-blue red. via her becoming bond with Sam, Maddie reveals the braveness to stand lots of her fears and the knowledge to determine issues she by no means believed should be actual.

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She would not lose it. 39 Fooled at the Dump A fter church one Sunday, Sam announced he was going to clean out the basement. “Thank heavens,” said Maddie’s mother. ” Maddie asked. “It’s definitely a two-person job,” said Sam. “Change out of your good clothes first,” her mother said. “Both of you. ” 40 Fooled at the Dump “Um. ” A tiny line appeared between her mother’s eyes. That meant she was serious. ” In her bedroom, Maddie jerked the covers up, scattering crayons, books, and barrettes. Then she changed into shorts and a T-shirt, and thudded back through the house.

Her mother bought loaves of whole-wheat bread and the sandwich rolls Sam loved. The gum-chewing girl filled bags but did not offer a free cookie to Maddie. Maddie was disappointed. Her Perfect Day was rapidly becoming not-so-perfect. ” she asked her mother. “Sears. ” Her mother juggled the library books, bakery sacks, and her purse. ” asked Maddie. “Home. ” Her mother handed Maddie her library books. “Could you carry those, sweetie? ” In Sears, they headed to the appliance department. Her mother talked to the clerk about a new part for their dishwasher.

Rocks, worms, rusty bottle caps. The Gray Goose plowed in circles that became smaller and smaller. The sun climbed into the sky. It grew hot. At last Sam switched off the engine. They hopped off the tractor and walked over to the persimmon tree. They sat down in the shade. Maddie put Buckingham on grass as soft as a clean towel. Sam opened the lunch box and handed Maddie the 30 Sky-Blue Pink thermos. She carefully poured two cups of chilled tea. “Your mother is a good cook,” he said, unwrapping a pimento cheese sandwich.

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