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By Harun Yahya

This e-book exhibits how this satanic procedure places humans in nice risk, either during this international and by way of their everlasting lifestyles to return. We clarify the way it coerces them into rejecting Allah Who created them, and deifies humans in His position. In a variety of examples from way of life, we display how humans fall less than the keep watch over of the program. We clarify what humans needs to do to save lots of themselves from the spell of this fake faith whereas they nonetheless have time.

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The clothes he buys, the way he decorates his house and his life style are all dedicated to keeping up appearances. When he is with others, he will make an extravagant show of his wealth so that people will want to be in his place. In conversations, he makes it a point to make people notice him. His aim is to get people to talk about his wealth and gossip about the fine things he possesses. To this end, he will insist on mentioning the extent and value of his wealth and say that he chooses his clothes from among the best designer labels; creating the impression that he frequents the best places.

This misapprehension draws its strength 28 Distorted Reasonings that Lead People to Follow This Religion from the idea that "the majority is always right," and a huge segment of society has adopted a lifestyle that goes with idolizing people— an undisputed tradition passed down from father to son. Declaring themselves to be part of the majority, they misguide others into believing that the unjust ways of the "majority" and the rules they invent are correct. However, the Qur'an gives this command to all Muslims: Judge between them by what Allah has sent down and do not follow their whims and desires.

He will emphasize this in every conversation, make it appear that he goes abroad for vacations and frequents very expensive places. However, he's just inventing all this to influence his schoolmates. When the truth comes out, they'll learn that he comes from a middle-income family and has never gone abroad. But the requirements of people worshipping led him to tell these lies, assuming a false identity according to the standards expected by his society. He did not consider that all along, Allah was aware of every lie he told and that when the time comes, he must give our Lord an accounting.

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