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By Heather Brooks

Horse acquaintances without end? Emily Summers is on a undertaking. A scared little pony has come to working Horse Ridge, the pony rescue ranch the place she lives. Hercules desperately wishes a chum, and Emily is familiar with precisely how the lonely pony feels. She is new to operating Horse Ridge herself. yet in contrast to Hercules, she has all started to make new associates, and he or she has the affection of her horse pal ceaselessly, Sapphire. Can Emily get Hercules to belief her prior to he's past aid?

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And we’ll start by making Sapphire do really well in the class tomorrow. ” Emily grinned. ” Meredith glanced at her watch. “But it’ll have to be later. ” She started tugging Halo toward the barn. “Let’s hook up later to practice for the model class! 50, hustled Halo into the barn, his feet clopping on the floor as he trotted after her. ” Emily gazed after the pair, suddenly wishing so badly that she could have her own horse the way Meredith did. Really having her own horse. , who was hers only as long as it was convenient for her aunt and her dad.

Meredith shot a warning look at the horse as he took another step. “No, he’s fine. ” She glared at the horse as he took another step, then got up, grabbed the lead shank and backed him up again. ” Emily glanced down the driveway, half expecting to see a van from another barn rolling up to take the horse away. She dreaded those vans, knowing that in each one might be the people to see Sapphire and make a deal Aunt Debby couldn’t turn down. ” Meredith laughed. ” She tugged on the lead shank as Halo took another step.

He inherited half of it when Grandpa died. They’re nice here, especially to ponies like you. Everyone here loves you. Really, they do—” He shuddered and she quickly stopped talking, feeling so utterly helpless to alleviate his terror. She sat for another minute, watching the little pony flattened against the fence, his head up and turned through the rails away from her, his little body trembling, his neck thick with sweat. 29, even seen the carrot, even though she was certain he must have smelled it.

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