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Compiles 70 of the most important phrases most often used or mentioned by way of authors of the Romantic interval - and in most cases deliberated by means of critics and literary historians of the period. bargains an fundamental source for knowing the guidelines and differing interpretations that formed the Romantic interval contains keyword phrases spanning Abolition and Allegory, via insanity and Monsters, to imaginative and prescient and Vampires beneficial properties in-depth descriptions of every entry's direct that means and connotations relating to its utilization and concept in literary tradition presents deep insights into the political, social, and cultural weather of 1 of the main expressive sessions of Western literary heritage attracts at the author's wide adventure of educating, lecturing, and writing on Romantic literature

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But the imagination may be engaged purely for the purpose of pleasure. This is a pleasure which is derived from intellectual interest, to be distinguished from that sort of pleasure aroused by sensation and feeling. In all acts of aesthetic judgment, reason acts independently of sensual response. Kant asks, then, how a beautiful murder, rape, sickness, or death might be possible (Critique of Judgment, §48). What in nature would be ugly or displeasing can be contemplated as beautiful in art. Whereas Rubens’ Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus (1619) or David’s Death of Marat (1793) might succeed in aestheticizing violence, other images may reflect such a strong sense of the original ugliness, Kant acknowledges, that they would excite disgust and thus destroy any possibility of aesthetic satisfaction.

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