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The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition (Galaxy Books)

This hugely acclaimed examine analyzes some of the traits in English feedback throughout the first 4 a long time of this century.

The Longman anthology of gothic verse

Gothic verse liberated the darkish facet of Romantic and Victorian verse: its medievalism, depression and morbidity.  a few poets meant in basic terms to surprise or entertain, yet Gothic additionally liberated the inventive mind's eye and encouraged them to go into irritating parts of the psyche and to painting severe states of human cognizance.

Blanchot Romantique: A Collection of Essays

The paintings of French author and essayist Maurice Blanchot (1907-2003) is absolutely one of the so much difficult the 20th century has to provide. modern debate in literature, philosophy, and politics has but to completely recognize its discreet yet enduring influence. bobbing up from a convention that came about in Oxford in 2009, this booklet units itself an easy, if daunting, job: that of measuring the influence and responding to the problem of Blanchot’s paintings through addressing its engagement with the Romantic legacy, particularly (but not just) that of the Jena Romantics.

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Despite his praise for Miranda’s learning and connections, he distanced himself from him, calling Miranda “a soldier of fortune” (xii). The Monthly Review, however, was not persuaded of Mountmorres’s disapproval in their review of the Letters. ” on the “[insinuation] that the establishment of the southern whale fishery had not so much for its object the acquisition of oil, spermaceti, and whalebone as the emancipation of South America from the dominion of Spain” (“The Letters” 471). The Monthly Review discredited Miranda as a source 28 Jocely n M.

Although Catherine was known for her many lovers, she tended to be serially monogamous and was involved with the Dashing Count Dmitri Momonov at the time. ” Nevertheless, their relationship was intense enough to provoke Potemkin’s jealousy and Miranda’s former friend and protector began to try to hurry the foreigner on his way. , Franscisco de Miranda, 100–101). S. context, see Peter Dorsey, “To ‘Corroborate Our Own Claims’: Public Positioning and the Slavery Metaphor in Revolutionary America,” American Quarterly Review 55: 3 (2003): 353–86.

James Bieri finds Claire’s account of Harriet’s lover “probably the most accurate available,” that he “was a Captain in the Indian or Wellington Army” who was “ordered abroad” (2: 21).

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