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By Jon Mee, David Fallon

Romanticism and Revolution: A Readerpresents an anthology of the most important texts that either outlined the controversy over the French Revolution in the course of the 1790s and motivated the Romantic authors. offers readings chronologically to permit readers to event the unfolding of the controversy because it happened within the 1790sProvides an accessible and in-depth sampling of the foremost members to the Revolution debate, from expense, Burke, and Paine to Wollstonecraft and Godwin 

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In other families there may be as much worth as in our own. In other circles of friends there may be as much wisdom; and in other countries as much of all that deserves esteem; but, notwithstanding this, our obligation to love our own families, friends, and country, and to seek, in the first place, their good, will remain the same. Thirdly, It is proper I should desire you particularly to distinguish between the love of our country and that spirit of rivalship and ambition which has been common among nations.

They know that light is hostile to them, and therefore they labour to keep men in the dark. With this intention they have appointed licensers of the press; and, in Popish countries, prohibited the reading of the Bible. Remove the darkness in which they envelope the world, and their usurpations will be exposed, their power will be subverted, and the world emancipated. [The principles of the Revolution] […] Let us, in particular, take care not to forget the principles of the Revolution. This Society has, very properly, in its Reports, held out these principles, as an instruction to the public.

It is the first link in the series by which we proceed towards a love to our country and to mankind. 18 17 French citizens were encouraged to finance the Revolution by donating valuables, including shoebuckles. Burke refers to nobles who had joined the revolutionary cause, including the Duke d’Orléans, the Marquis de Lafayette, as well as Abbés such as Sièyes and Talleyrand, who sanctioned the reforms of the church. indd 30 11/10/2010 8:41:00 PM Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France 31 [The real rights of men] It is no wonder therefore, that with these ideas of every thing in their constitution and government at home, either in church or state, as illegitimate and usurped, or, at best as a vain mockery, they19 look abroad with an eager and passionate enthusiasm.

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