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Combining old poetics and e-book historical past, Romantic Poetry and Literary Coteries indicates Romanticism as characterised by way of tropes and varieties that have been together produced by way of literary circles. to teach those connections, Fulford pulls from a wealth of print fabric together with political squibs, journal essays, illustrated travel poems, and journals.

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Robinson’s source text, however, was not the Bible but the cant language of aristocrats and their hangers-on. As a former kept mistress of such men, she was uniquely placed among the Jacobins to allude in this way. As before, Robinson’s move to a new discourse was prompted by her entry into a new literary circle. In 1796 the Della Cruscan, Merry, himself a radical in politics, introduced her into the still more radical William Godwin, and her writing also became progressively more radical as she associated with Godwin’s circle.

Robinson’s demi mondaine reputation threatened to confirm conservatives’ gibes that social and political radicalism was merely an apology for vice and immorality. Her commodified body was a ghostly presence looming behind the Anthologyy and vexing its editor, for all the publication’s opposition to commodification. “The Haunted Beach” and “Jasper” were not in themselves controversial poems; they became so when anthologized. The former reveals Robinson alluding to Coleridge’s new ballads: she borrows from his “Rime of the Ancyent Marinere” the sea setting, the vivid color imagery, the internal rhymes, the motif of a guilty sailor supernaturally doomed to repeat his penance, as well as certain characteristic 46 Rom a ntic Poetry a nd L iter a ry Coter ies phrases.

When she turned to writing, she was able to use old alliances with the press to publicize her novels; she had also had rich experience of the presentation of the private self in public to turn to her own use. Robinson, in fact, refashioned herself to function in the literary milieu just as she previously had when an actress and a courtesan. Her poetry also developed from her fashion sense—or rather, fashion strategy: she remade herself in writing time and again as she once had through her clothes.

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