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By Ian Haywood, Zachary Leader

Romantic interval Writings 1798-1832 presents a beneficial perception into the situation of england within the early a part of the 19th century. It comprises unique files from a number disciplines and discourses. every one part features a scholarly creation, decide upon bibliography, and annotations. one of the fabric assembled within the anthology are writings by means of formerly ignored or under-represented ladies, working-class males, black radicals, and conservative and evangelical polemicists, in addition to a number of surprising texts through canonical writers. The writings are organised into sections on: * Radical Journalism * Political economic system * Atheism * country and kingdom * Race and Empire * Gender * Literary associations.

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Malthus. In a series of Letters, published in 1807, which was an expansion of three letters published in William Cobbett’s radical weekly The Political Register. Extract 4 focuses on Malthus’s passage about ‘nature’s mighty feast’ and exposes its distortions of the real relations between the labouring poor and their employers. Hazlitt raises important questions about the relative rights of property and labour and the ways in which the political system favours the former. 10 Romantic period writings 1798–1832: an anthology 34 Malthus’s influence, whatever opposition it provoked, made steady progress during the Napoleonic wars.

Were the habit of drinking a solitary practice, there might be some truth in this dictatorial precept, but as ardent spirit is a strong poison to both soul and body, and forms no part of that nourishment which can be converted into animal matter, I have never been able, after the most unwearied application in the exercise of my profession, to find a single fact so destructive of moral, and physical health. ’—Vide, Trotter, page, 340. ‘Malt licquors, and particularly porter, have their narcotic power much increased by noxious compounds which enter them, and the bitters which are necessary to their preservation by long use, injure the nerves of the stomach and add to the stupefactive quality.

The bill having announced that the chair would be taken at twelve precisely, the room was nearly filled before that hour, and long before the business commenced symptoms of impatience were generally manifested. About one o’clock the approach of the principal personages of the meeting was announced by the clapping of hands, and Major Cartwright, Mr. Wooler, Mr. Gale Jones, Mr. Waddington,59 and several other distinguished reformers, made their appearance at the table. Mr. Wooler said, the importance of the occasion on which they had met was of so very urgent a Romantic period writings 1798–1832: an anthology 22 nature, as to render it impossible to wait any longer for the expression of public opinion on the circumstances which had happened during the week, and which were now fully before the world.

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