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Review: Rolling Stone journal is a cultural icon. as well as its authoritative place in tune, Rolling Stone’s sphere of impression reaches into leisure, video clips, tv, expertise, and nationwide affairs.

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Finding Serenity: Anti-heroes, Lost Shepherds And Space Hookers In Joss Whedon's Firefly

** thoroughly UNAUTHORIZED **  In this eclectic anthology of essays, former solid member Jewel Staite, "Kaylee," thinker Lyle Zynda, intercourse therapist pleasure Davidson, and famous technological know-how fiction and fable authors Mercedes Lackey, David Gerrold, and Lawrence Watt-Evans give a contribution to a smart and insightful research of the short-lived cult hit Firefly.

Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey

Ron Athey is an iconic determine within the improvement of latest paintings and function. In his usually bloody portrayals of existence, dying, situation, and fortitude in the course of AIDS, Athey calls into query the boundaries of creative perform. those limits permit Athey to discover in his paintings key topics together with gender, sexuality, S&M and radical intercourse, queer activism, post-punk and business tradition, tattooing and physique amendment, ritual, and faith.

Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages

This quantity brings jointly modern well known leisure, present political matters, and medieval historical past and tradition to enquire the intersecting and sometimes tangled family members among politics, aesthetics, fact and fiction, in terms of problems with morality, identification, social values, energy, and justice, either long ago and the current.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks

From the co-creator of the landmark sequence, the tale hundreds of thousands of fanatics were ready to get their palms on for 25 lengthy years. the key background of dual Peaks enlarges the area of the unique sequence, putting the unexplained phenomena that spread out there right into a drastically layered, wide-ranging background, starting with the journals of Lewis and Clark and finishing with the surprising occasions that closed the finale.

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