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By Yves Joanette, Pierre Goulet (auth.), Christine Chiarello Ph. D. (eds.)

Language is determined by a as a rule functioning left hemisphere. This critical truth of human cerebral dominance used to be good verified through nineteenth century aphasiologists and has been time and again proven by means of next investiga­ tions. Predominance, even if, doesn't mean exclusivity. As verified by way of the commissurotomy sufferers studied through Eran Zaidel and co-workers, the best hemisphere can also be able to subserving a few linguistic capabilities. The query, then, isn't really no matter if the best hemisphere can technique language, yet how and whilst it does so. This quantity makes a speciality of the correct hemisphere's contribution to at least one very important element oflanguage, lexical semantics. even if the precise hemisphere could be concerned about different linguistic features, akin to prosody, the best proof for correct hemisphere language competence has been received for the processing of be aware meanings. moreover, cognitive psychology and psycho­ linguistics have supplied us with well-developed versions of the lexicon and lexical entry to lead our inquiry. eventually, there are suggestions on hand for learning lateralized lexical processing within the basic in addition to within the mind­ injured hemispheres. For those purposes, a spotlight at the lexicon is probably going to yield the best variety of insights approximately right-hemisphere language processing.

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These results demonstrate that under specific conditions the right hemisphere manifests some reading ability, in particular the capacity to detect function words among nonsense words. s= 0 6 ,,0 L.. 0 E Cf' " 4 :J c: 2 -150 50 20 150 Fig. 3. Performance of a globally aphasic patient in a double simultaneous tachistoscopic lexical decision task with function words at different exposure durations: 150, 50 and 20 ms. Solid circles represent the left visual and solid squares the right visual field.

This new study compared subjects' appreciation of alternative meanings of two kinds of polysemous words, potentially metaphoric adjectives such as those used in the Brownell et al. (1984) study and nonmetaphoric polysemous nouns such as "cabinet" (meaning either a cupboard or a group of advisors). The reasoning was that a pervasive rigidity would affect both types of polysemous words equally, while a deficit specific to metaphor processing would be limited in scope. Appreciation of Metaphoric and Connotative Word Meaning 27 The experimental task was based on word triads constructed as follows.

Free Press Glencoe, IL Brownell HH, Potter HH, Michelow D, Gardner G (1984) Sensitivity to lexical denotation and connotation in brain-damaged patients: a double dissociation? Brain Lang 22:253265 Brownell HH, Potter HH, Bihrle AM, Gardner H (1986) Inference deficits in right braindamaged patients. Brain Lang 21:310-321 Brownell HH, Simpson TL, Bihrle AM, Potter HH, Gardner H (submitted) Appreciation of metaphoric alternative word meanings by left and right brain-damaged patients Burgess C, Simpson G B (1988) Cerebral hemispheric mechanisms in the retrieval of ambiguous word meanings.

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