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24 The patient varies the proportion of red and green light until it matches the yellow in hue and luminosity. If more red is needed than usual the patient is protanomalous~ if more green he is deuteranomalous. 25 Colour-Vision Tests Pseudo-isochro~atic charts Confusion chart tests consist of a series of plates on each of which there is a background of irregularly spaced coloured spots of various sizes; amongst these are figures or letters also made up of coloured spots. 26 The spots which make up these figures or letters are printed in colours which the colour defectives habitually confuse, Care is taken that they are printed to be of low saturation and so that brightness discrimination cannot be used by the patient.

Thus the size of the projected aperture on a screen is not geometrically related to the size of the aperture. This is a phenomenon of interference which is further explained in the next illustration. Note that the pupil of the eye does not have a sharp edge but a cuff of pigment. The pupil is the limiting aperture as far as the eye is concerned, (See also Resolution on p. ) 40 INTERFERENCE AND WAVE MOTION C B B' c D and B" D Monochromatic light source Stenopaeic apertures Screen Interferometry pattern on screen If two sources of light B' and B" are very close together so that the wave fronts intersect, there will be periods where the height and trough of a wave produces no light and periods of maximum brightness.

The latency of the pupil delays its response until after the saccadic movement has been completed. Flashes which observers fail to report may thus give rise to pupillary responses. Using photographic recording methods these responses can be used to measure defects in part of the nervous system concerned with the sensory-motor pupil reaction pathways. 00 2000 1. 0° 60 40 0 w 60 T N 0 0 z <(WW __J ::J--'r- (f)<=ICD -Z:::l ><(UJ N T Nasal field Temporal field Isopters are lines which join points at which test objects subtending the same visual angle are recognised, The vertical lines show the diameter of the test object in millimetres, the distance of the object from the eye in millimetres and the visual angle subtended.

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