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By Marilyn Michaud

Republicanism and the yankee Gothic bargains a comparative examine of British and American literature and tradition within the 1790s and Fifties, because it recontextualizes American gothic fiction from the point of view of the chilly conflict. Exploring the republican culture of the British Enlightenment and the impact of its translation and migration to the yankee colonies, Marilyn Michaud can pay specific cognizance to the transatlantic impression of 17th- and eighteenth-century libertarian and anti-authoritarian inspiration on British and American progressive tradition.

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35 Although Bailyn’s work does not use the term republicanism directly, it emphasized the transatlantic influences on American institutions and employed the key terms by which republicanism 41 Republicanism and the American Gothic would come to be identified. Wood’s The Creation of the American Republic, while less deterministic than Bailyn’s Pamphlets, registered a similar note of surprise at the patterns of thought and conceptual language of the American patriots: my reading opened up an intellectual world I had scarcely known existed.

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