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White Noise Calculus and Fock Space

White Noise Calculus is a distribution thought on Gaussian area, proposed by way of T. Hida in 1975. This process permits us to exploit pointwise outlined production and annihilation operators in addition to the well-established thought of nuclear area. This self-contained monograph provides, for the 1st time, a scientific creation to operator thought on fock area via white noise calculus.

Coincidence and Counterfactuality: Plotting Time and Space in Narrative Fiction

In accident and Counterfactuality, a groundbreaking research of plot, Hilary P. Dannenberg units out to respond to the perennial query of ways to inform a very good tale. whereas plot is without doubt one of the such a lot imperative facets of storytelling, it truly is maybe the least studied point of narrative. utilizing plot conception to chart the improvement of narrative fiction from the Renaissance to the current, Dannenberg demonstrates how the unconventional has developed through the years and the way writers have built more and more advanced narrative options that faucet into key cognitive parameters time-honored to the reader from real-life event.

Astral Travel for Beginners: Transcend Time and Space with Out-of-Body Experiences (For Beginners (Llewellyn's))

What you have got performed hundreds of thousands of occasions on your sleep can now develop into a unconditionally unsleeping adventure with assistance from this useful guidebook. you will soon discover ways to go away your physique and discover the astral realm with self belief and protection. attaining your first astral shuttle adventure is often the main difficult―and no unmarried approach will paintings for everybody.

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No, sir. I was the first one who predicted there would be trouble over this antimatter shipment. I feel as if this is my case. " Sisko nodded. "Count me in, too," said O'Brien. Sisko shook his head. "I'm sorry, Chief, but I need you here. If Dax and I were--delayed--we would need at least one ranking Federation officer here. " He turned to Kira. "That's it. Major, you are in charge until we get back. " The Bajoran smiled. " The commander motioned to his tiny crew and headed for the turbolift.

Well, at least her reprieved stu- dents were enjoying themselves, even if she wasn't. With her gloved hands, the petite woman of Asian descent continued scraping burn residue off a large chunk of mangled metal into a small plastic pouch. Miles and one of his Bajoran assistants were crouched about twenty meters away, scouring the sand for bits of the bomb casing that had scattered in the explo- sion. Keiko tried not to let her mind wander, but this was tedious, brain-numbing work. Still, it was a break from her routine.

The Ferengi grinned and rubbed his hands together. "Of course, Lieutenant, we could work out a sort of barter system. I can get you plenty of these, if you would just consent to--" "Thank you," said Dax, cutting him off. " Quark shrugged, as if there was no harm in asking, then scurried off. Kira sighed impatiently. "I wonder if he has a holosuite program where I could bash his head in? Anyway, Dax, I can tell you what I think we ought to do. I don't think we should wait until the antimatter arrives and the Hannibal is officially launched.

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