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By Harald Atmanspacher, Claudia Bergomi, Thomas Filk, Kirsty Kitto

This booklet constitutes the refereed complaints of the eighth foreign convention on Quantum interplay, QI 2014, held in Filzbach, Switzerland, in June/July 2014. the nineteen papers including 20 invited keynotes awarded during this e-book have been conscientiously chosen from 22 submissions. Quantum interplay has built into an rising interdisciplinary quarter of technological know-how combining study themes in basic matters, semantic and reminiscence, choice making, video games, politics and social elements, non-locality and entanglement.

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This in turn disturbs air molecules resulting in the sound wave which reaches our ears. What we interpret as an orderly conclusion–a welldefined sound–has come about by a local disturbance reacting with its global environment through feedback. In this example, the local disturbance was determined, say, by my decision to pluck the string. However, if we trace the event far enough back in the causal chain, one can hypothesize that at some point an indeterministic event took place, a quantum event, whose resolution also came about by feedback.

This is simply their normalized inner product. For words w1 , w2 which are respectively represented by density operators ρw1 , ρw2 their similarity is defined as sim(w1 , w2 ) = Tr(ρw1 ρw2 ) which can be considered a multilinear extension of the vector similarity function. Marginalization. Analogous to a joint probability distribution, subsystems of a density operator can be marginalized out via the partial trace function. ,SN } (ρ) = |b ∈base(HS1 ⊗ ... ⊗HSN ) to denote that a proper subset of ρ’s subsystems S1 , .

Only these chosen measures will contribute to the final statistical outcome state: ρ = i pi ρi = i pi Mi ρMi† i Tr(πi ρ) i (9) 46 W. Blacoe Here division by i Tr(πi ρ) is required for ρ to be normalized because the probability mass from the omitted positive operators is missing. If the sum of the omitted positive operators is πomitted (that is, πomitted + i πi = I) then the missing probability mass is pmissing = Tr(πomitted ρ) (that is, pmissing + i Tr(πi ρ) = 1). The smaller the summed trace of the missing positive operators is, the smaller pmissing is and the closer the outcome state of the partial POVM is to the one the full POVM would have produced.

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