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By Block, Feiner. (eds.)

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The ambient temperature will not exceed 30°C. 9 Design current of each final circuit Ib As each row comprises fourteen 300 W/230 V discharge fittings: Ib ϭ 14 ϫ 300 ϫ 1 . 8 ϭ 32 . 8 is the multiplier for discharge lamps) As the nine circuits will be balanced over three phases, each phase will feed three rows of fittings: Ib per phase ϭ 3 ϫ 32 . 8 ϭ 98 . 42 Ω. Rating factors Not applicable. Tabulated current-carrying capacity It Discharge units do cause short duration overloads at start-up, so it is perhaps best to use In rather than Ib: I t Ն In Ն 100 A Cable selection From IEE Regulations Table 4D4A column 3, It ϭ 102 A, giving a cable size of 25 mm2.

Conductor current-carrying capacity greater than same in other cables. May be run with circuits of different categories in unsegregated trunking. Cable reference system as follows: CC – Bare copper sheathed MI cable V – PVC covered M – Low smoke and fume (LSF) material covered L – Light duty (500 V) H – Heavy duty (750 V). 5. P. 200. PVC sheathed aluminium screened silicon rubber insulated, copper conductors. Clipped direct to surface or on perforated tray or run in trunking or ducts Fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits Specially designed to withstand fire.

5 Cable selection From IEE Regulations Table 4D1A, It Ն 80 A ϭ 101 A and conductor size will be 25 mm2. 8 A will flow in the circuit would be incorrect, as the last section will only draw: 32 . 8 ϭ 2 . 02 A and so on, the total volt drop being the sum of all the individual volt drops. 8 A over the whole length. 8 mV. Volt drop ϭ 1 . 8 ϫ 32 . 6 V 1000 Add this to the sub-main single-phase drop, and the total will be: 1 . 87 ϩ 2 . 6 ϭ 4 . 47 V (acceptable) Shock risk constraints Zs ϭ Ze ϩ (R1 ϩ R2 ) ϫ L ϫ 1 .

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