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By Marcus Tullius Cicero

Cicero's speech on behalf of L. Lucinius Murena, newly elected to the consulship of sixty two BCE yet instantly prosecuted for electoral bribery, is mainly recognized for its digressions and helpful for its insights into the advanced political wrangles of the overdue 60s. it really is, even though, a speech customarily excerpted and mentioned than learn in its entirety, notwithstanding even if the absence of an English-language statement is a reason or impact of that state of affairs is still doubtful. in brief, a pedagogical observation in this vital and unusual speech is lengthy overdue.
Distinguished Latinist Elaine Fantham's observation is noteworthy for its skill to clarify not just the rhetorical constitution of this speech however the purpose at the back of Cicero's strategic judgements in developing that constitution. It additionally calls awareness to the stylistic gains like be aware selection, rhetorical figures, and rhythmic results that make the speech so potent, and explains with care and precision the political, social, and historic issues that formed the prosecution and security of the slightly hapless defendant. This remark comprises the type of grammatical explication required to make its riches obtainable to undergraduate scholars of Latin.

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D. 1416’ scriptus Φ = cod. Laur. LII. 1 (Lag. 65) χ = cod. Laur. XLVIII. 25 (Lag. 25) ψ = cod. Laur. ) XC sup. 69 ω = cod. Laur. XLVIII. 26 (Lag. 26) s = cod. Monacensis 15734 w = cod. Guelferbytanus 205 Schol. = Scholiasta Gronovianus M. TVLLI CICERONIS PRO L. MVRENA ORATIO 5 10 15 20 Qvae precatus a dis immortalibus sum, iudices, more institutoque maiorum illo die quo auspicato comitiis centuriatis L. Murenam consulem renuntiavi, ut ea res mihi fidei magistratuique meo, populo plebique Romanae bene atque feliciter eveniret, eadem precor ab isdem dis immortalibus ob eiusdem hominis consulatum una cum salute obtinendum, et ut vestrae mentes atque sententiae cum populi Romani voluntatibus suffragiisque consentiant, eaque res vobis populoque Romano pacem, tranquillitatem, otium concordiamque adferat.

20 consulatu multum Orelli: consulatum ut tum Σ: consulatu tum cett. 21 quae et] quae ex Aφω 22 alterata ψ: om. cett. 23 omni Σ: omnis cett. 24 decesserant] exercitum Luculli significat add. codd. (ψl): del. ψ2 27 comitiis Hotoman: comes codd. PRO L. MVRENA ORATIO 5 10 15 20 25 55 37 quod petitio praeturae desiderarat praetura restituit.

Sed ut hoc omisso ad studiorum atque 22 artium contentionem revertamur, qui potest dubitari quin ad consulatum adipiscendum multo plus adferat dignitatis rei militaris quam iuris civilis gloria? Vigilas tu de nocte 15 ut tuis consultoribus respondeas, ille ut eo quo intendit mature cum exercitu perveniat; te gallorum, illum bucinarum cantus exsuscitat; tu actionem instituis, ille aciem instruit; tu caves ne tui consultores, ille ne urbes aut castra capiantur; ille tenet et scit ut hostium copiae, tu 20 ut aquae pluviae arceantur; ille exercitatus est in propagandis finibus, tuque in regendis.

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