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By Linda Reynolds, Doig Simmonds (auth.)

Basic necessities for black-and-white paintings 137 eleven. 2. eleven. 2. 1. Paper 137 eleven. 2. 2. Pencils 141 eleven. 2. three. Inks 142 eleven. 2. four. Pens 142 eleven. 2. five. Rulers and set squares 143 eleven. 2. 6. Templates and stencils 143 eleven. 2. 7. Erasers one hundred forty four Scalpels a hundred and forty four eleven. 2. S. eleven. 2. nine. Burnishers a hundred and forty four eleven. 2. 10. Adhesives 152 eleven. 2. eleven. Drafting tape 152 eleven. 2. 12. Drawing forums 153 eleven. three. different worthy goods for black-and-white paintings 153 eleven. three. 1. Self-adhesive tapes 153 eleven. three. 2. Dry-transfer symbols and lettering 154 eleven. three. three. Tone sheets one hundred fifty five eleven. three. four. 'Pounce' powder 156 eleven. three. five. Fixatives and varnishes 156 eleven. four. extra fabrics for color and OHP paintings 157 eleven. four. 1. Self-adhesive color sheets 157 eleven. four. 2. Paints 157 eleven. four. three. Brushes 157 eleven. four. four. Cells and foils (acetate sheets) 158 eleven. five. operating convenience 158 eleven. five. 1. corporation 158 eleven. five. 2. furnishings 158 eleven. five. three. lighting fixtures 159 12. easy thoughts a hundred and sixty 12. 1. Care and practise of paper a hundred and sixty 12. 2. Ink paintings one hundred sixty 12. 2. 1. Use of technical drawing pens a hundred and sixty 12. 2. 2. Blotting 163 12. 2. three. Drawing ink strains 163 12. 2. four. Finishing-off ink traces one hundred sixty five 12. 2. five. Use of templates and stencils one hundred sixty five 12. 2. 6. brief cuts one hundred sixty five 12. three. Correcting blunders in ink paintings 167 12. three. 1.

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For your quiel lime. Vol. I. Hodder and Sioughlon. 40. 2 ISBN 0 J40 15997 9. BALL, GEORGE SAYERS. Who il a white-colla, A dkins, A rthu, William Hoptt. Moralvllu•• Ind politicil CERVINE,lO. X-Ray dlagnoJiJ pOlltionilll manUtlI. Glencoe Press; Collier-Mlcmillan. SO. 07572 ISBN 0024732702. ,/Din, PrIll'. ehle.... 1939-45, Model and Allied Publications. 40. 62J. 74; ISBN o85J44 IJ6 7. CHADWICK, ANGELA. Th~ Inlll"",1 dlln,t machillltl 01 Docto, Hoffmall: a lIow/. Hm-Dlvis. £ I. 95. 91F ISBN 0 246105453.

Optimum sizes for larger displays such as slides and posters have not been so thoroughly researched, but it is clear from the available results that the size of the image on the retina is the Significant factor. As viewing distance is increased, type size must also be increased so that the size of the retinal image remains more or less constant. 5. Line length The line length or 'measure' of a piece of text is often expressed in picas. One pica is equal to 12 points, or approximately 4 mm. 12 Line length may be varied within broad limits without diminishing legibility, but research has shown that very short lines prevent maximal use of peripheral vision and thus increase the number and duration offixations and hence total perception time.

Skid prevention and control. W. Noon. 30. 283 ISBN 0 9502394 0 2. Ball, Alan. 4. Pelham. 00. 2. 1st element of each Pettman, Dorothy. Oral embryoloay and microscopic anatomy: a textbook for students in dental hYliene. 5th ed. Lea and Feb;,er; Kimpton. 80. 314 ISBN 0 812103769. Philips, Francis Edward. Greek philosophical terms: a historical lexicon. New York University Press; University of London Pre... 80. 180 ISBN 0 340 094125. Piatek, Clare Gray. Perspectives in suraery. Lea and Febiaer; Kimpton.

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