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By J. M. Davies, Brian Brown

This booklet examines the plastic layout and behavior of major frames--both low-rise business and agricultural, and multistorey. consultant issues, similar to member and body balance and restraints and connections, are defined in transparent and distinctive displays, and should curiosity practitioners and scholars alike. motives are buttressed through many diagrams and various labored examples. released on behalf of the metal building Institute, the booklet used to be written by way of Professor J.M. Davies of the college of Manchester, and Brian Brown, chartered structural engineer.

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L M2 M1 Fig. 10 Continuous beam with stronger end span: (a) Splice at point of contraflecture; (b) Illustrating the consequencesofa splice at the support. 30 Plastic Design to BS 5950 splice at the penultimate support, it must be appreciated that the plastic hinge at the support will form in the weaker span, as shown in Fig. 10(b). The design calculations must be amended to take account of this. (4) Adjust the length of the end bay (L1) relative to the internal bays (L2). This will occasionallybe possibleand, when it is, it provides a neat solution.

24 Frameto be analysed. 20 A 5A Fig. 25 Beam mechanism. 3, it is reasonably obvious that the correct collapse mechanism is a beam mechanism and that the load factor can be readily calculated using Fig. 25. 13 The bending moments in the beam are fixed by the collapse mechanism but, in order to draw the bending moment diagram at collapse, it is necessaryto know the bending moments at both A and E. However, the frame is not statically determinate at collapse, and these moments cannotbe determined uniquely.

3 (Fig. 7 4? 4 6m I 6m 6m 1 Fig. 7 kNm. This can be confirmed by finding any bending moment which satisfies: D all independent equilibrium equations; Li the mechanism condition found above; the yield condition (the full plastic moment is nowhere exceeded). Becausethe mechanismfoundhas only threeplastic hingescompared with the seven required for complete collapse, this is tricky. The information available at this stage is summarised in Fig. 43. We first note that there are = 10 critical sections where plastic hinges may form (numbered on Fig.

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