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A group led by Myles Standish found the supply of fresh water scarce and the soil poor. So the Pilgrims decided to keep going in search of a better area to settle. “Being thus passed the vast ocean, and a sea of troubles before in their preparation . . ” William Bradford Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620–1647. On December 21, the Mayflower set down its anchor at Plymouth. The Pilgrims were excited to have reached the end of their long journey but they were fearful of what lay ahead. William Bradford, a Mayflower passenger who served as governor of Plymouth Colony almost continuously between 1621 and 1657, wrote about the Pilgrims’ early days in the New World.

4. Describe the relationship the Pilgrims had with Native Americans. 5. Was Plymouth Colony a success? Why or why not? Extension Activity Imagine your life as a Pilgrim child or a Native American child. Write about what your life would have been like. Illustrate your short story too. Did you know that as the Pilgrims set off for the new world to establish a colony, danger and struggle created challenges they had to overcome? How did they survive? The Pilgrims looked to a few strong leaders to help ensure the success of their colony.

Biographies Many people played important roles throughout this time period. Learn more about them in the Biographies section. Carver, John (1576–1621) - Carver was a wealthy businessman who helped the Pilgrims get financial backing to support their journey. Carver served as the first governor of Plymouth. Before his death in the spring of 1621, he helped establish a peace treaty with Chief Massasoit. Standish, Myles (1584–1656) - Standish was a passenger on the Mayflower who went on to become military leader of Plymouth Colony.

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