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By Charles R. Krahmalkov

The Phoenician-Punic Dictionary is the main entire be aware glossary of the Phoenician language but accrued and released, and a different informational sourcebook for the Phoenician literature and tradition. The entries are drawn from texts spanning greater than thousand years of civilization, from past due Bronze Age to the past due Roman interval, many showing for the 1st time, between them specimens of conventional Phoenician poetry, Greek drama in Punic translation and Punic historiographic prose. The textual content resources of all entries look in unique translations, in line with the author's learn and guides of decades in Phoenician and Punic grammar and literature. The dictionary could be an invaluable and sensible instrument either for college kids of Phoenician language, literature and tradition and for experts within the learn of the literatures and cultures of the Biblical and Classical worlds. Charles R. Krahmalkov is Professor of historical and Biblical Languages within the division of close to japanese experiences of the college of Michigan.

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N. 'ABI-MILK ("Milk is my father") Benz 54 (Pu). lx. v. ABIMILK. "JJN, pl. 'BNM [Heb. f. 1. " 2. 4/6 (Pu) mn:fbt pslt... " 3. 1/3 (NPu) (n' 'bn z lpwly' h:fdyq', "This tombstone was erected to Pullia. " Et passim. 4. J, 's 'l 'rift tsk't ... lmb'bn 's 'l hsyw't w'd 't 'bn z mr:fm m'tm w'rb'm, "WTI:I, Governor of the Province of Thusca, erected this milestone. n. 'ABI-NADOB ("My father is generous") Benz 54 (Ph). lx. Is this a Phoenician name? n. 'BNN (vocalisation and meaning uncertain) Benz 54 (Ph).

2. pron. " Idem lines 7, 11, 12. cf. Heb. adv. TOGETHER RCL 1966 p. pl. ). n. Ji-mil-ki (Arvad; Asb. ii 84). The Standard Phoenician form of this name is J:tmlk (l:fi-milk): see IfMLK. v. AHIMILK. n. 'AI:Ii-NADOB ("My brother is noble") Benz 61 (Ph). Ix. Cf. 'bndb, "My father is noble"). Is this name Phoenician? 'l;IR [Heb. 'aJ:tJ:tar, 'aJ:tare] prep. AFTER, TO Trip. 51 (86) lines 1/2 (NPu) [l]myk' ... ptJ:t' S'm 'J:tr 'bk' wysql ldn'( 'sr kkr' $mq, "To Micha: Offer it for sale!

2. SAY to one's self, THINK, CONTEMPLATE KAI 26 C IV 17/18 (Ph) y'm[r] lmJ:tt sm 'ztwd bsml '[l]m z wst sm ... '" 'MRII [Heb. m. 1. WORD of a language Poen. ") 2. 2 (Pu) 'mr l'J:tty 'rSt 'mr 'J:ttk bS' slm 't, "Say to my sister Arisuth: the message of your sister BS'. " 'MT [Heb. f. 1. 1/2 (Ph) 'rn [S]n mgn 'mtb'l bt pf's 'mt l.. 1 mtt l'strt 'dty, "Amotbaal daughter of Putiisi, the slave of [ ... " 2. " 61 'MT'SR 3. n. 'AMOT-OSIRI ("Servant of Osiris") Benz 62 (Ph). lx. Woman's name.

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