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By Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

Existence isn't really a mathematical equation of do’s and don’ts. particularly it's an complex adjustment of opposing forces of excellent healthiness and illnesses that symbolize residing a lifestyles. the line to sturdy future health involves residing with moderation in behavior and attitudes.

Now say see you later to disease and affliction; strength your self with strength and stamina, event excellent health and wellbeing & health and whilst enhance the potency of body’s immune procedure and its skill to cleanse itself

Perfect future health: pressure & substitute cures discusses pressure nervousness melancholy insomnia and feelings their etiology results and administration and shortlists extremely simple strategies to sluggish the accelerator velocity of the relevant frightened process via Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, therapeutic massage, Hypnotherapy, color treatment, Aromatherapy, T’ai Chi Ch’ uan, Acupressure and different leisure suggestions.

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Internally generated stress: this can come from anxious worrying about events beyond your control, from a tense, hurried approach to life, or from relationship problems caused by your own behaviour. It can also come from an ‘addiction’ to and enjoyment of stress Environmental and job stress: here your living or working environment causes the stress. It may come from noise, crowding, pollution, untidiness, dirt or other distractions. Alternatively stress can come from events at work. Fatigue and overwork: here stress builds up over a long period.

Make a list So many projects, so little time. To beat stress, you have to learn to prioritise. At the start of each day, pick the single most important task to complete, and then finish it. If you’re a person who makes to-do lists, never write one with more than five items. That way, you’re more likely to get all the things done, and you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment and control. Then you can go ahead and make a second five-item list. While you’re at it, make a list of things that you can delegate to co-workers and family members.

Have a light snack before bed. A little bit of food before bed can help you sleep. Adopt bedtime rituals. Read for a while. Change into pyjamas. Brush your teeth. Lock your doors. Turn out your lights. Rituals help ease you into sleep. Turn down your thermostat. Cool temperatures help induce sleep. Don’t nap during the day. Napping can interfere with night sleep. Limit your caffeine consumption. Drink less regular coffee. Caffeine can also be found in tea, colas, cocoa, chocolate, and many over-the-counter drugs (read labels and ask your pharmacist).

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