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By Peter F. Hamilton

Critics have in comparison the engrossing house operas of Peter F. Hamilton to the vintage sagas of such sf giants as Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert. yet Hamilton’s bestselling fiction—powered by means of a fearless mind's eye and world-class storytelling skills—has additionally earned him comparability to Tolstoy and Dickens. highly bold, wildly unique, philosophically stimulating: the novels of Peter F. Hamilton will switch how you take into consideration technological know-how fiction. Now, with Pandora’s Star, he starts a brand new multivolume event, one who supplies to be his so much extraordinary but.

The yr is 2380. The Intersolar Commonwealth, a sphere of stars a few 400 light-years in diameter, comprises greater than 600 worlds, interconnected via an internet of delivery “tunnels” referred to as wormholes. on the farthest fringe of the Commonwealth, astronomer Dudley Bose observes the most unlikely: Over a thousand light-years away, a celebrity . . . vanishes. It doesn't cross supernova. It doesn't cave in right into a black gap. It easily disappears. because the position is just too far away to arrive via wormhole, a faster-than-light starship, the Second Chance, is dispatched to benefit what has happened and no matter if it represents a danger. In command is Wilson Kime, a five-time rejuvenated ex-NASA pilot whose glory days are centuries at the back of him.

Opposed to the undertaking are the Guardians of Selfhood, a cult that believes the human race is being manipulated by way of an alien entity they name the Starflyer. Bradley Johansson, chief of the Guardians, warns of sabotage, fearing the Starflyer ability to take advantage of the starship’s challenge for its personal ends,.

Pursued by way of a Commonwealth precise agent confident the Guardians are loopy yet harmful, Johansson flees. however the threat isn't avoided. Aboard the Second Chance, Kime wonders if his team has been infiltrated. quickly sufficient, he'll produce other concerns. one thousand light-years away, anything actually terrific is ready: a perilous discovery whose unleashing will threaten to ruin the Commonwealth . . . and humanity itself.

Could or not it's that Johansson used to be right?

From the Hardcover edition.

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