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By Julia Darrow Cowles

Throughout the tale of Marcus and his development to manhood within the final days of the Roman Republic, we find a lot approximately lifestyles and customs in old Rome. We accompany Marcus as he learns his classes at school, joins his father on a visit to the Senate, can pay a trip to his father's farm, and watches the triumph of a successful common. The crowning second comes whilst Marcus assumes the toga, the mark of a Roman citizen. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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Yes," said Marcus, "it is interesting to watch the men at work, too. " "I like best to watch the sheep, and to see them sheared," said Terentia, "though the poor things look so strange when their heavy fleece is off. "But it is fine then to see how the wool is washed and made ready to be carded and spun and woven into cloth, as we spin and weave it at home," she added. " "Yes," Livia answered. " asked Terentia. " "The little ones all like sweets," said Gaius with a smile. " he asked, turning to Gaia.

Gaius, with Marcus and the other members of his family, headed the solemn and reverent procession. They were followed by the overseer and the members of his family, and all the slaves of lesser importance. They bore great sheaves of flowers in their arms, and Gaius carried purifying water, while Marcus waved fragrant incense. Young animals from the best of the farm's flocks had been chosen for a sacrifice to the gods of the fields, and these animals had been gaily decorated and were led in the procession.

Yes," answered Glaucon, "and your reckoning stones, too," and he handed to Marcus the box which he had been carrying. Tullius took his box from Aulus, and the three boys entered the open building which was their school. This building, which was called a pergula, had only a roof resting upon pillars, with no side walls. The boys had no books, for this was nearly two thousand years ago, and a printed book had never been seen. "I understand that Faustus, who lives next door, has complained of the noise of our school, and says that we waken him too early in the morning," said Tullius to Marcus.

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